Where is GOD in times of crisis?


The heading “Where is God in times of crisis?” Is a common question we come across in our life. In our walk with the Lord, there will be times of crisis. There will be times when our faith in God is tested. We solve one problem and another comes along. At times, we find ourselves in a desperate situation, where we are cornered with no way out…like the present Lockdown. Problems after problems, everywhere we turn there is nothing but problems. We can see the condition of instability and danger everywhere. When will it end? And where is God while all this is going on? Is God indifferent to our condition?

This noontime I want to deal with this question:

Where is God in times of crisis?
In Exodus 14, we see that children of Israel were trapped in a crisis, with nowhere to go. They could not see a way out, they were caught between Pharaoh and the deep Red sea, asking the question, where is God when we need Him?

We know that children of Israel, have just been delivered from the strong hand of Pharaoh. They started their journey with high hopes and expectations. But within a few days, they find themselves in front of the Red Sea and the mountains on the other side. Please read Exodus 14:10 – 12. In this passage, we see that they could not see that God is in the midst of a crisis. Why could they not see God? And why many times, in our crisis we cannot see God? I think the reason might be because like the people of Israel,


What I have personally understood that Faith and Fear cannot dwell together. If we trust God there is no need to fear. We know the much familiar verse of David, in Psalm 23: 4 ” Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil”

When there is no fear, we can feel the presence of God in times of crisis.
Here David is walking the valley of the shadow of death by Faith.
People of Israel could only see the “Grave” and not “God”.
Instead of praying for the situation, we see that they are actually complaining against God, and blaming Moses.
How should we overcome Fear, so that we may see God working in our situation?

Let’s read, Exodus 14:13.
There are 3 commands given by Moses.

  1. Not to fear.
  2. To stand still
  3. To see the salvation of God.

Dear saints,
“WHERE WAS GOD IN TIMES OF CRISIS “? God was THERE ALL THE TIME. God was there in the pillar of cloud, God was there in the winds when parted the Red sea.
This world will say “It’s impossible “. But our Lord Jesus says in Matthew 19:26 ” With men this is impossible, but with God, everything is possible”.
We may say, “we’re tired”, but God says ” I will give you rest”. We may say ” I cannot go on” but God says “My grace is sufficient for thee”.
Let me conclude, we need not fear, we need to stand still, and when we stand still, we will see that GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE!!! Amen!!!
Have a blessed day in Christ!!!

by Jenny Jen

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