God’s Mighty Care.

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Being under God’s mighty care and blessings day after day, hardships and trials were something I didn’t welcome in my life. Rather than easily accepting those trials as an opportunity to showcase God’s wonderful work in my life, I start to question Him and my so-called “faith”.

One such situation was when my sister was diagnosed with malignant growth in her thyroid gland within a few days after her second baby was born. All the excitement and happiness of seeing a newborn baby died so quickly at the break of this news. This revelation was simply unacceptable to me then. There were a lot of questions in mind and the biggest one was “How can God do this right now?” According to me the time and the situation didn’t match!!! Little did I know that He who sees all has mighty plans!!! After a battle with Him, God really did give me a heavenly peace, which helped us to face each phase one at a time… The struggles were still big but then I realized our God is much bigger. And yes. God did turn this test to b a perfect testimony gifting her complete healing within months!!

Life brings in many situations that can at times get out of hand… Each person has to face his own trials that nobody else understands. The pain, the struggles, the disappointments, and the hopelessness might grow so big that we might be on the verge of giving up.

Does ultimate peace come when we try to hear what God is trying to tell through these trials?

Psalms 46:10 says to be still and Know I am God!

Now does thas mean to be simply quiet? No, because the Hebrew roots of this verse mean “to let Go”.. yes, you have to Let go of your worries, your problems, your challenges and know that He is God. The moment you let go off the burden and decide to completely trust Him, He will take over control and work miracles that testify the glory of God. And that is the exact reason why our father let us deal with these trials, so as to be a beautiful testimony in front of the world!!
Let God enable each of us to let go and lead a faithful life.

by Jeneesha

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