Transform your living space with timeless elegance and spiritual inspiration with our Customized Bible Verse Wood Decors, meticulously crafted from premium teak wood. Each piece is a testament to craftsmanship, featuring intricate engravings of cherished verses from the Holy Bible, personalized to resonate with your heart and home.

At Gabriel’s Christian Store, we uphold a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every detail of our wood decors reflects the reverence and significance of the scriptures they bear. Whether adorning your walls, mantelpiece, or shelf, these handcrafted pieces serve as reminders of faith, hope, and love, enriching your daily life with divine wisdom.

Embrace the warmth and beauty of natural wood, coupled with the eternal truths of sacred scripture, as you adorn your sacred spaces with our Customized Bible Verse Wood Decors. Elevate your home décor with a touch of spiritual grace, available at Gabriel’s Christian Store, where quality meets affordability. Experience the power of personalized scripture, engraved in the enduring beauty of teak wood, and let your faith shine brightly in every corner of your home.

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The Lord’s Prayer | Premium Teakwood | Engraved letters | Bible Verse Wood Decor

Original price was: ₹4,299.00.Current price is: ₹3,599.00.
  • Materials: Premium Teak Wood
  • Sizes: 12x16 Inch, 16x24 Inch
  • Engraved Letters
  • Ready to Hang